What Is The scope Of Dentistry?

Dentistry, also called dentistry and dental science, is a field of medicine which includes the study, diagnosis, treatment, prevention, and care of disorders, diseases, and injuries of the teeth, maxillofacial region, and oral cavity. Urban Smiles Chicago Dentistry includes pediatric dentistry, orthodontics, dentures and implants, periodontal disease, craniofacial surgery, prophylaxis, bridges, root canal therapy, and orthodontics. Dentistry also includes medical studies like radiology and sonography, consultation, pharmacy, gastroenterology, toxicology, obstetrics and pediatrics. Dentistry is the general name given to all of those fields of study that are related to the field of dentistry. The scope of Dentistry includes many other specialized sub-fields as well.

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Dentistry can be broadly classified into two major branches – family dentistry and pediatric dentistry. Family dentistry concentrates on the whole mouth and its structure, while pediatric dentistry deals with treating children and their unique oral health problems. Dentistry can also be subdivided into specialized areas. One such specialized area is Oral Medicine. This encompasses a wide range of therapeutic treatments for the mouth, jaw, throat, and head. Oral Medicine includes the traditional methodologies of diagnosing and treating oral diseases and disorders, using therapeutic procedures like sedation, dentures, cosmetic dental procedures, and therapeutic implants.

Dental Assistants, otherwise known as DAs, are professionals who provide assistance to dentists in various tasks, such as taking and developing x-rays, preparing dental specimens and filling and storing teeth materials. Dentists and assistants work hand in hand to help keep the patient’s mouth healthy by performing basic tasks like cleaning and filing the patient’s teeth, giving dental treatments, curing gum disease, polishing the patient’s teeth, removing plaque, restoring and building upon missing teeth, preparing the teeth for crowns, bridges, veneers, caps, orthodontics, etc. DAs work closely with the dentist in diagnosing the dental problems and prescribing the best treatment available. Most dental assistants receive training from an apprenticeship program conducted by the dentist’s office. Most of these programs take three to six months to complete.

Another specialization that is common in dentistry is Special Pediatric dentistry. Special Pediatric dentists treat children of all ages from birth to adolescence and even adults. They follow special procedures like braces, mouth guards, appliances for teeth straightening, etc., to help children to have healthy teeth and gums. These dentists also specialize in treating special needs of children like those with birth defects, premature teeth, cleft palates, underdeveloped or missing teeth, etc.

Pediatric dentists and surgeons carry on many of the same procedures that their adult counterparts do, but with more sophisticated equipment. The most common types of procedures undertaken by a pediatric dentist are root canal treatments, bridgework, crowns, bridges, veneers, orthodontics, etc. It is important for pediatric patients to undergo a dental check up as a prerequisite to every procedure undertaken. Moreover, a pediatric patient requires specialized treatment since the tissues and bones in the face are vastly different from those of an adult. Dentistry for pediatric patients involves more delicate procedures than those required for a child.

A full complement of oral health specialists is available to the public. Dentistry includes not only the conventional techniques of general dentistry, but it also encompasses advanced techniques like cosmetic dentistry, sedation dentistry, laser dentistry, etc. These technologies help in treating dental disorders, enhancing oral appearance, improving oral health and preventing diseases. Hence, the field of dentistry has numerous subspecialties, including the subspecialties mentioned above.