What Is The National Health Examination?

Health is a condition of mental, physical and emotional well-being where infirmity and illness are absent. Health is the sum total of good health practices, which includes nutrition, mental peace, social interaction, personal hygiene, social support, bodily health, social organization, and leisure time. Health is not just important to one’s body, but also to one’s mind and spirit. It is also important to lead a healthy lifestyle. The four components of health are:

The first three components of Health are related to physical health; hence they include nutrition, mental well-being, and social aspects. Mental wellness refers to your ability to live independently, to learn new things, to handle stress, and to cope with changes. Your physical well-being can be maintained through proper nutrition, regular exercise, and a balanced diet. Mental well-being is reflected in your ability to concentrate, follow directions, solve problems, and make logical solutions to complex problems. If you feel that you are suffering from any mental disorder or illness, you must seek medical help at once.

The fourth component of Health is the social support system. The United States has one of the highest levels of disability and poverty along with one of the widest gaps in health and nutrition compared to other industrialized countries. The causes of this widespread health issue are manifold – changes in work and life style, worsening economy, increasing unemployment, greater social gap, and more. To overcome this problem, a major role has to be played by the government in providing assistance to its citizens. The federal government has been assisting people from different backgrounds through programs like Medicaid and the Special Health Care Program (SCHP), providing them with appropriate health care services and advice on how to maintain their health status.