Treat Peyronie’s Disease With Natural Treatment Alternatives

Peyronie’s disease is an ailment of the connective tissue that surrounds the penis. It occurs because the flow of blood to this part of the body is impaired. As such, it causes the tissues to become thick and consequently swell up. If left untreated, Peyronie’s disease can eventually lead to atrophy or even complete loss of the penis altogether. For more details click here:

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This condition cannot be diagnosed through the regular medical procedures, which are usually recommended by doctors. It must be determined by means of certain tests in order to arrive at a proper diagnosis. One of these is the use of a digital penis scale called the MaxMedix. The scale allows doctors to measure the girth of the penis. These are the most popular methods used by doctors to arrive at a diagnosis.

There are some alternative means of arriving at a diagnosis for Peyronie’s disease. A blood test is often recommended in cases of milder forms of this ailment. In these tests, the level of fibrous material present in the skin is studied. The results of the tests may determine if Peyronie’s disease is present.

Among the many alternative Peyronie’s disease natural treatments, one of the most popular is based on herbal extracts. Herbs like saw palmetto and nettle have been used for centuries in treating different ailments. Many of these herbs are known to effectively prevent or treat erectile dysfunction. For instance, saw palmetto prevents the conversion of testosterone into estrogen, which in turn prevents the enlargement of fibrous tissues that may cause erectile dysfunction. Studies also show that these herbs have a positive effect in decreasing the levels of inflammatory hormones in the body.

Herbal treatment for Peyronie’s disease has a few setbacks. The side effects may be severe in some cases. This is due to the fact that most of these herbs have not been tested specifically on individuals. While erectile dysfunction symptoms tend to subside when taking these supplements without treatment, other symptoms may develop over time.

Peyronie’s disease symptoms can be embarrassing and uncomfortable for sufferers, and they can also lead to physical deformity. Fortunately, there are several natural treatments available for those who suffer from this condition without the use of medications. These treatments can help relieve symptoms and can reduce the risk of serious complications.

One such treatment option is the Chinese herb called xiaflex. This herb is taken in supplement form and is believed to provide many health benefits, including its ability to treat Peyronie’s disease. Xiaflex contains a substance called DIM, or dihydrotestosterone. DIM is believed to stimulate growth hormone production, which can improve nerve function and promote smooth muscle tone. DIM has not been found to cause any negative side effects, so it may be an appropriate treatment for those who want to treat peyronie’s disease without the use of medications.

Another treatment alternative is to massage the area surrounding the rectum and testes each day. This gentle massage technique calms the nerve endings in that area and improves circulation to the penile area. Massaging the area allows more blood flow to reach the afflicted areas, which improves the condition of circulation to the penile area. This treatment option is particularly effective if you choose to do it at night because when you wake up the next morning, your body may be groggy from sleep. However, this treatment to cure Peyronie’s disease may cause further irritation if you decide to do it at night.