Things to Know Before Using a Fake ID

Fake IDs are key to having fun when you’re still a little underage. Not only are these phony IDs useful to make the most of happy hour, but they also let you attend any kind of event with your friends. Whether it’s your friend’s birthday party at a club, a concert, or even spring break, your fake ID can get you anywhere.


Before you officially turn twenty-one, you can make as much use of your fake ID as possible. Sometimes, the bouncer might not even look at your fake ID properly. However, there might be times when a bouncer becomes suspicious of your ID. In that case, you should always be prepared.


Here are a few things you should know before you start using your fake ID.


#1. Know the Information by Heart


If you decide to add some false information on your fake ID card, make sure you own it as if it’s real. You should know the address, your middle name, date of birth, and even the card’s expiration date by heart. To test yourself, check if you can remember the fake details when you are drunk.


No matter what, you should always be prepared to answer if a bouncer asks you what your address is. If a bouncer is suspicious of you, they might randomly quiz you on the details on your card.


#2. Find Reliable Fake ID Sites


When you decide to get a fake ID, the last thing you need to worry about is where to get it from. There are many fake ID sites available on the internet, and you can find them with a simple Google search.


However, you should always be careful of scam websites that look shady. Some sites might be trying to steal your personal information such as credit card details or mailing address. In that case, you can always count on IDGod for end-to-end encryption where you can anonymously purchase any fake ID.


Before you place an order, always check customer reviews, or use sites that your friends have previously used.


#3. Some Fake IDs Can Pass the Scanning Machine


No need to panic if the guard or bouncer decides to run your fake ID through the scanning machine. Reliable sites like IDGod encode your information into the barcode at the back of your card. This makes it easy for bouncers to scan your ID to verify it as an original.


When placing an order, make sure you specify that you want a fake ID that is scannable. This additional detail can help save you the hassle of getting caught with a phony ID and being embarrassed in front of your friends.


#4. Have a Backup Fake ID


If you need to convince a skeptical bouncer of your identity, then nothing works better than a second form of ID. In some cases, the bouncer may even ask for a second ID to verify your information.


We recommend having an old or expired debit card at hand. If that isn’t possible, then you can get a fake student ID made that states the same date of birth as your fake ID. If the bouncer can verify your identity from two sources, they are likely to let you in without creating a scene.


#5. Avoid the Bar that Catches Fake IDs


Before you go around showing off your fake ID to every bar in town, investigate a little. Ask other people about the bars and bouncers who are known for always catching fake IDs. Take our word for it that there’s always one bar in every area that is popular for confiscating fakes and reporting them to the police.


Instead of getting yourself in trouble and having your parents called, try to avoid such places at any cost. Even with a fake ID, you should always be careful about where you are using it.


#6. Fake IDs have Security Features


Apart from good quality, a convincing fake ID needs to have all the essential security features. Most bouncers will check your ID with the bend test or hold it up against a source of light to check the hologram. If your fake ID does not pass these tests, the bouncer is likely to send you away before you can even step into the club.


Here are a few security features that your fake ID should have:


  • Magnetic stripe
  • Perforation
  • Hologram
  • High-definition picture
  • Barcode
  • Signature


Make sure that your fake ID vendor includes all of these security features on the card to help you pass through a restricted entrance. Vendors like IDGod provide a list of security features that are included on every card that they manufacture. You can also ask other underage students in your area where they got their IDs from and order from the same fake ID website.


#7. Become Friends with the Bouncers


No bouncer likes snobby teenagers who are rude and arrogant. Instead, when you are friendly with the bouncers, they are likely to let you in without even checking your card.


If it’s your first time getting into a club, try going with a group who is already friends with the bouncer. In most cases, they will not check everyone’s ID if you arrive with a friendly group. This can help ease your anxiety about using a fake since you may not have to show your ID at all.


#8. Beware of Sting Operations


Everyone knows that bartenders and bouncers ask for ID. However, these security personnel don’t always check the details on your card. In most cases, it is just a legal requirement for them to ask everyone who enters for an ID.


However, there might be sting operations by police officers to catch those using a fake ID. Always remember to take your ID to age-restricted places such as bars and clubs. You should also ensure that your fake ID looks believable enough to fool an experienced police officer.


We recommend getting the fake from a reputable site like IDGod, or you can ask other people what fake ID makers are reliable.


#9. Use the Fake ID Smartly


Now that you have a fake ID, you shouldn’t start using it everywhere. A classic example is to never try buying nine bottles of alcohol every time you visit the local store – it can easily get other people suspicious of you.


Instead, you should only use the fake ID when you have no other option. As for buying alcohol, ask someone with a real ID to purchase it for you. Try using your fake ID in dim-lit places like nightclub entrances only where the bouncers will not be able to see all the details clearly.


#10. Don’t Spend a Fortune


Thinking that you cannot afford a fake ID can sound upsetting. In reality, fake IDs are one of the most inexpensive documents available for students and other underage individuals. Most fake ID makers only charge between $40 to $150, depending on the features you need and where you live.


Instead of spending a fortune on a fake ID, you can get one from IDGod that costs only $100. This ID comes with a duplicate in case you lose the first one somewhere during your wild night out. If your entire friend group wants to get fake IDs, then you can get a significant discount and only spend $60 each.


#11. Be Honest with Friends


Your friends should always know that you have a fake ID when you go out with them. If you are using an alias on your fake, remind your friends to not call you by your real name. There’s nothing more embarrassing than a bouncer staring at you because your ID says one name but your friends are screaming something else.


You should also be honest with your friends because they can cover for you in case you get in trouble. They can befriend the bouncer to convince them to not call the cops or offer to buy alcohol on your behalf.


#12. You Can Get in Trouble


The most important thing to remember when using a fake ID is that you can still get into trouble. If you get caught, you might end up paying a hefty fine or face a small jail term. Before you start using a fake, always check your local state lawsabout what punishments you could face.


You should never use a fake ID in another state since this can land you in more trouble than your own state. Additionally, having a fake ID does not give you a free pass for drunk driving. If you a police officer catches you on the road when you are drunk, there could be serious consequences.




Using a fake ID can sound exciting and fun, but it is important to be as careful as possible. You should know all the details on your fake ID by heart and try to never be rude to the bouncers.


With any fake document, be wise in deciding where you should use it. Remember to always get the best quality fake ID since getting caught can get you in serious trouble.