How to Straighten a Curved Penis – Learn to Fix Your Bent Penis

If you’re experiencing difficulty with intercourse due to your cock’s slight curve, you can fix it without undergoing surgery or exercises. However, some men’s cocks are curved to an extreme and require a fix. Although this condition is not uncommon, some men have a pronounced cock curve that makes it look like they have Peyronie’s disease. Regardless of the cause, it’s important to know when to seek a straightening method and how to make a curved penis straight.


You can straighten your curved penis with the help of simple exercises. First of all, you need to perform spontaneous erection. If the exercise is not performed properly, you might suffer from pain during intercourse or even painful erection. Penile modeling techniques can help correct penile curvature. These are generally performed by urologists. It is important to consult your physician before attempting this exercise.

How to Straighten a Curved Penis  Learn to Fix Your Bent Penis

There are several types of penis exercise, all of which will help you achieve your goal. There are also exercises which are specifically designed to straighten a curved penis. One of the best known exercises is jelqs. The jelqs exercise helps you stretch your penis on the left side and eliminates the curve on the right side. Then, you need to perform exercises that will strengthen your pelvic floor muscles.


The phrase ‘curved penis’ refers to a visible bend in the genitals. A slight penile curvature usually causes no problems, but when the bend is noticeable, you may want to consider treatments that straighten a curved penis. A penis is a cylinder-shaped male organ that serves several vital functions, including sexual intercourse and reproduction. Some penises are completely straight when erect, while others curve up or down or inward.

The procedure involves surgically reducing the curved portion of the penis with the Nesbit Technique. This procedure can decrease penile size by 0.5 to 5 centimeters. The surgeon then ties the two sides together with non-absorbable threads. This is one of the most common techniques for straightening a curved penis. The surgery is usually safe and simple and involves minimal bleeding. Although it can make a penis shorter, the risks are minimal.

Non-invasive methods

A surgery may be necessary if non-invasive methods to straighten a curve in the penis are not effective enough. Penile augmentation involves removing part of the tissue outside of the curve, folding it and pulling it together with a surgical thread. This procedure is usually safe and easy to perform, but there are risks involved, including bleeding and loss of length. In addition, penile augmentation surgery can result in a shorter penis, so it may be better for men with mild to moderate curvatures.

In some cases, non-invasive techniques are not sufficient, such as when a curve is caused by a disease like Peyronie’s disease. However, non-invasive techniques can be effective for some people, especially those with severe congenital curvature. Depending on the cause of the curvature, there are several non-surgical treatments available. For instance, a procedure known as the Stage Technique may be sufficient for straightening a curved penis that has been caused by a disease. Another technique is the Nesbit Technique, which was first described in 1965.

Using a penis extender

If you are experiencing problems with a curved penis, using a penis extender can be the answer. Penis extenders are designed to put your penis into a straight position and apply a constant, light stretch. This process is similar to muscle training: as you stretch your penis, it causes micro-tears that heal and make your penis appear straighter.

Penis extenders are made to work like stretching exercises, so the process of fixing your bent penis is similar to exercising. However, penis extenders will result in permanent results, as opposed to a temporary fix. These devices are not as effective as penis pumps, which simply increase blood flow to the penis and make it appear larger for a brief period. Penis extenders, however, have permanent or semi-permanent results, and take several months to see them.

When using a penis extender to straighten your curved penis, be prepared to put in a significant amount of time. The process can take a couple of months, so be prepared to make a commitment to using it on a regular basis. Using a penis extender will help you get the best results, but you should be committed to using it regularly to see results.